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New Lead article in OD Practitioner, volume 38, number 2 (2006)
"The Invisible Leader: Lessons for Leaders from the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra."

"On Managing", Library Administration & Management, A quarterly column for managers, 1999-
(Certificate of Achievement, June 27, 2004)

New Winter 2007: “Thank God and Greyhound, She’s Gone,” (to a Workshop,) and Other T&D Matters.

New Fall 2006: “You Can’t Build a Fire in the Rain:” Sparking Change in Libraries

New Summer 2006: Southwest: the Un-stodgy Airline

New Spring, 2006: “Coaching for Results”

New Winter, 2006: “Balaam’s Ass: Towards Proactive Leadership in Libraries”

Fall, 2005: “Coaching: A Musical Illustration”

Summer, 2005: “I am the very model of a modern middle manager”

Spring, 2005: “Disagreeing Agreeably”

Winter, 2005: “A Gift from the Woods.”

Fall, 2004: “Leading from the Middle”

Summer, 2004: “The Stove Side Chat”

Spring, 2004: “You Have the Resources”

Winter, 2004: “Sacred Teams”

Fall, 2003: “Leaving the Comfort Zone”

Summer, 2003: Teams in Libraries

 Teams in Libraries: Illustrated summary by Fall 2003 Management Students

Spring, 2003: Seeking first to understand....

Winter, 2003: A Zabarian Experience

Fall, 2002: Act or Re-act? Leadership and the Internet

Summer, 2002: "She Took Everything but the Blame" - The Bad Boss Is Back.

Spring 2002: "From the Gutter to You Is Not up" - Worst & Best Practices.

Winter, 2002: Prestissimo Leadership

Fall, 2001: Where are the snows of yesteryear… Reflections on A Suggestion System that Worked.

Summer, 2001: To Save the Time of the User: Customer Service at the Millennium

Spring, 2001: Sunshine on a Winter's Day: Library Managers in Latvia.

Winter, 2001: A reason for rain : Hoop Lessons for Library Leaders

Fall, 2000: "I’m So Low, I Can’t Get High": The Low Morale Syndrome and What to Do about It.

Summer, 2000 “I Borrowed the Shoes, But the Holes Are Mine”: Management Fads, Trends and What’s Next?

Spring, 2000: "I Can’t Find You Anywhere but Gone": Avoiding Marginalization

Winter, 2000: "While I Was Busy Holding on, You Were Busy Letting Go" – Reflections about E-mail Networks and the Demise of Hierarchical Communication

Fall, 1999: "She’s Just Too Good to Be True, But She Is" – Recognition Ceremonies and Other Motivational Rituals

Summer, 1999: "When I’m Alone, I’m in Bad Company" – Defining the User Experience

Spring, 1999: "I’ve Closed My Eyes to the Cold Hard Truth I’m Seeing" – Making Performance Appraisal Work

Winter, 1999: "It’s Not Love, But It’s Not Bad" – Cybercollaboration

"Scholars and Serials: Will Electronic Journals Save Us from the Heart break of Scholarly Drivel, the Embarrassment of Book Budget Bankruptcy, the Halitosis of Salami Publications, and the Morbid Obesity of Our Collections?" American Libraries, 18: 180-182, March, 1987.

Interview, May 2002, with Donald E. Riggs, Vice President for Information Services & University Librarian of the Library, Research, and Information Technology Center at Nova Southeastern University. The new library is a joint-use building for Nova Southeastern students and the citizens of Broward County. Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

"When Students Hit the Surf", School Library Journal, September 1999.

Orchestrating Success (The Orpheus Chamber Orchestra)

* A fuller version of the conductor-less Orpheus Chamber Orchestra study in  "People in Charge: Creating Self Managing Workplaces" edited by Robert Rehm and published by Hawthorn Press.

Educating the Library User (the anthology of original writing on user education I edited and contributed to in 1974) was featured as one of 25 outstanding professional books in RASDs silver anniversary edition of the Reference and Adult Services Division journal,  RQ. 25:152, Fall, 1985.

In 1995, the book was cited as a "milestone in BI history, ...(giving) BI librarians a common point of reference" for their subsequent efforts. In: Information for a  New Age: Redefining the Librarian, compiled by the Fifteenth Anniversary Task Force, Library Instruction Round Table, American Library Association. Englewood, CO: Libraries Unlimited, 1995, p. 28-29.

"An Analytical History of 'Library Literacy", by Lori  Arp. This six page review, by the current editor, describes the strong influence my founding and editing of the RQ column, "Library Literacy" from 1980-1986 had and continues to have on the field of user education and information literacy. RQ, 34:158-163, Winter, 1994.

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