Analysis of results from "Rating Teamwork"


John Lubans
Duke University
October 26, 1999

Rating Teamwork is a short diagnostic questionnaire. It was taken by eleven members of the Duke Women's Basketball Team during the week of October 25, 1999.

The average scores listed below confirm that this is a group with strong convictions and understanding about the value and importance of teamwork. They rate themselves high in most of the dynamic factors central to a high performance team.

This is remarkable when you take into account that the first meeting of returning players and the five freshmen was on August 31 and that the first full practice with all players and coaches together was on October 16.

Areas for improvement are revealed in the comments players made in response to the open- ended question on how the team can work better: Discussion, Decision making and the Handling of conflict. These three elements each scored just below 4 on the five point scale.

Here are the average scores. "5" = a positive high; "1" = a low:

Question: (with Average Score)
1. Outcomes (does the team get results?) 4.3

2. Inclusion (Am I in or am I out?) 4.8

3. Elbow room (I'm easy or I'm crowded) 4.3

4. Discussion (Is it free or is it guarded?) 3.8

5. Decision making (Do we make decision on fact or opinion?) 3.8

6. Level of conflict (Is it low and tolerable or high?) 4.5

7. Handling of conflict (Do we work on it or avoid it?) 3.9

8. Support (Each to all or self only?) 4.6

9. Purpose (Clear or ambiguous?) 4.5

Seven players responded to Question 10, "How can the team work better":

Comment: "Our team is very deserving of our title. We're a true team in all we do. We just need to make sure that everyone feels like they can approach anyone on the team so the two of them can deal with whatever problem that may arise."

Comment: "Need to listen more."

Comment: "I think overall we work really well together. We could improve on our communication with each other both on the court and in everyday life. We need to work on being more open with one another".

Comment: More on the court communication, "nice job", "I got it", etc."

Comment: "For (question 1) I think our possible lack of following through is because we have such a young team."

Comment: " I believe that our team is very clear on our purpose. The captains do a great job with pushing everyone and trying to get them to take practice very seriously. Our teammates are very encouraging and supportive - they don't make us feel bad for making any mistakes."

Comment: "Be more vocal on and off the court."