Titles of "On Managing" columns by John Lubans in Library Administration & Management:

Winter, 2001: A reason for rain : Hoop Lessons for Library Leaders

Fall, 2000 "Iím So Low, I Canít Get High": The Low Morale Syndrome and What to Do about It.

Spring, 2000 "I Canít Find You Anywhere but Gone": Avoiding Marginalization

"Itís Not Love, But Itís Not Bad" Ė Cybercollaboration, Winter, 1999

"Iíve Closed My Eyes to the Cold Hard Truth Iím Seeing" Ė Making Performance Appraisal Work, Spring, 1999

"When Iím Alone, Iím in Bad Company" Ė Defining the User Experience, Summer, 1999

"Sheís Just Too Good to Be True, But She Is" Ė Recognition Ceremonies and Other Motivational Rituals, Fall, 1999

"While I Was Busy Holding on, You Were Busy Letting Go" Ė Reflections about E-mail Networks and the Demise of Hierarchical Communication, Winter, 2000