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The meaning of The S-shaped Curve

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This website has been superseded by the blog, Leading from the Middle. The blog began with the publication of John Lubans' book, "Leading from the Middle," and Other Contrarian Essays on Library Leadership" from ABC-Clio / Libraries Unlimited (A Beta Phi Mu Monograph) in June 2010.

This blog includes Mr. Lubans' weekly musings about democratic organizations and shared leadership. And, it includes comments about teamwork, empowerment, "followership," the hierarchy, the unboss, and freedom at work. Each week there is a Friday Fable based on fables by Aesop and others including John's own. John Lubans can be reached via Facebook, Linked-in or by leaving a comment at the blog.

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John Lubans writes on leadership, leads management workshops, and explores the changing roles of scholarly communication and the Internet. His CV contains detailed information about work experience, professional activities and writing.

Learning to Lead: A Three Day Series on Leadership in Academic Libraries (leading, following, coaching)
The University of Latvia
Riga, Latvia
December 4-8, 2006

Evaluation Consultant to the North Carolina Central University Diversity Scholars, through a grant funded by the Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program initiative from the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS): "Library as Place: North Carolina Central University Diversity Scholars

For more information about the Diversity Scholars:

Colorado and Duke Library Answer Person Revealed


At North Carolina Central University, School of Library and Information Sciences: The Academic Library (agenda & floor plan assignment) and Management of Libraries and Information Centers (agenda and readings), Spring and Fall semesters, 2005, 2006, 2007.

Visiting Professor, North Carolina Central University, School of Library and Information Sciences.

Durham Grit Award for Suggestion Answer Book, June 4, 2005

Workshops & Speaking

*The S-shaped curve is a visual metaphor for change. Anticipate, adapt, improve or risk  marginalization. Create a new upward curve or slide down into a quaint inutilty.
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