Curriculum Vitae

John Lubans, Jr.


2507 Sevier Street
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: 919.493.4979


University of Houston, Public Administration, M.A., 1978-1981
Houston, TX

University of Michigan, Library Science, M.A.L.S., 1964-1966
Ann Arbor, MI

Lebanon Valley College, English, B.A., 1960-1964
Annville, PA


North Carolina Central University, Durham, NC Visiting Professor
School of Library and 
Information Science
7/84 -
Duke University, Durham, NC Deputy University Librarian;
Associate University Librarian;
Associate University Librarian for Public Services
9/1982 - 12/2001
Houston Community
College System 
Houston, TX
Campus Librarian 9/80 - 8/82
University of Houston
Downtown College
Houston, TX
Assistant Director for Public Services 2/78 - 8/80
University of Colorado
Boulder, CO 
Assistant Director for Public Services 9/70 - 2/78
(Tenured 1/77)
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Troy, NY 
Head, Reader Services Division 7/68 - 9/70
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Troy, NY 
Head, Circulation Department  7/66 - 6/68


Author of many monographs, articles, reports, reviews, etc., including:

Chapman, Edward A., St. Pierre, Paul L., and Lubans, John Jr., Library Systems Analysis Guidelines, New York: John Wiley & Sons, August 1970.

Editor and Contributor, Educating the Library User, New York: R.R.             Bowker, 1974.          

"Evaluating Sign Systems in Libraries" in Sign Systems for Libraries, edited by D. Pollett and P. Haskell, New York:  R.R. Bowker Co., 1979.

Editor and Contributor, Educating the Public Library User, Chicago, ALA, 1983.

"Library Literacy", RQ 25:  47-50, Fall 1985.  (This was the 25th column for the 25th anniversary of RQ.  I initiated and edited this  column on user education for six years).

"The Creative Library Manager" Library Administration & Management, 1:6-7, January, 1987.

"Scholars and Serials: Will electronic journals save us from the heart break of scholarly drivel, the embarrassment of book budget bankruptcy, the halitosis of salami publications, and the morbid obesity of our collections?" American Libraries, 18: 180-182, March, 1987.

"Creative Climate:  Organizational Aspects Influencing Creativity", Journal of Library Administration, 15-26, 1989.

_________________, and Sheryl Anspaugh, "The Private Academic Library and Its Political Environment" in Politics and the Support of Libraries edited by E.J. Josey and Kenneth Shearrer, New York:  Neal Schuman Publishers, 1990.  pp. 154-163.

"Students and Libraries: In Their Own Words", North             Carolina Libraries, 48:  31-32, Spring 1990.

"Productivity in Libraries?  Managers Step Aside!", Journal of Library  Administration, 17: 23-42, 1992.

_________________, Sherry Stuckey and Frank McNutt, "Going to the Woods:  Wilderness Experiences for the Organizational Good", College and University Personnel Association (CUPA) Journal, 43:  11-16, Spring 1992.

 "Sherlock's Dog or Managers and Mess Finding," Library Administration and Management, 8:139-149, March, 1994

 "I Ain't No Cowboy;  I Just Found This Hat": Confessions of an Administrator in an Organization of Self Managing Teams" Library Administration and Management, 10:28-40, Winter, 1996

 "Who's Gonna Take Out the Garbage When I'm Dead and Gone?": New Roles for Leaders.", North Carolina Libraries,  54: 58-63, Summer, 1996.

 "How Can Something That Sounds So Good, Make Me Feel So Bad?": The Dilbertean Dilemma" , Library Administration & Management, 12:7-14. Winter, 1998.

"Lessons for Libraries from a Self-Managing Team: The Orpheus Chamber Orchestra Experience" Library Administration & Management,  12: Summer, 1998,

"When Students Hit the Surf", School Library Journal, September 1999.

“Orchestrating Success” (The Orpheus Chamber Orchestra,)  Hemispheres (United Airlines) January 1999 pp. 44-48.

A fuller version of the conductor-less Orpheus Chamber Orchestra study is a contributed chapter in the new book, "People in Charge: Creating Self Managing Workplaces" written and edited by Robert Rehm and published by Hawthorn Press.

"On Managing", Library Administration & Management, A quarterly column for managers beginning in 1999:

Fall, 2001: Where are the snows of yesteryear… Reflections on A Suggestion System that Worked.

Summer, 2001: To Save the Time of the User: Customer Service at the Millennium

Spring, 2001: Sunshine on a Winter's Day: Library Managers in Latvia.

Winter, 2001: A reason for rain : Hoop Lessons for Library Leaders

Fall, 2000 "I’m So Low, I Can’t Get High": The Low Morale Syndrome and What to Do about It.

Spring, 2000 "I Can’t Find You Anywhere but Gone": Avoiding Marginalization”

Winter, 2000 "While I Was Busy Holding on, You Were Busy Letting Go" – Reflections about E-mail Networks and the Demise of Hierarchical Communication,

Winter, 1999 “It’s Not Love, But It’s Not Bad" – Cybercollaboration,

Spring, 1999 "I’ve Closed My Eyes to the Cold Hard Truth I’m Seeing" – Making Performance Appraisal Work,

Summer, 1999 "When I’m Alone, I’m in Bad Company" – Defining the User Experience,

Fall, 1999 "She’s Just Too Good to Be True, But She Is" – Recognition Ceremonies and Other Motivational Rituals


North Carolina Central University, School of Library and Information Science
Durham, NC 
Management of Libraries and Information Systems a semester long course team taught with Sheryl Anspaugh 1984 - 1999
North Carolina Central University, School of Library and Information 
Durham, NC
Academic Libraries  1986- 1999


Active as speaker, facilitator, moderator, panelist.  A selective listing:

Keynote speaker, 10th Annual Conference for Library Orientation             Librarians sponsored by the National LOEX Clearing House at Eastern             Michigan University, May 8-9, 1980. 

Speaker, "Thinking Critically - The Library's Role" Workshop.  Florida Library Association, Tampa, May 2, 1986.

"Sweet Are the Uses of Adversity" or "I Can't Afford to Half             My Half Again", speech at the ARLIS/NA session "Coping with Cuts", Academic Library Division, Chicago, February 11, 1992.

"Causes of Reorganization in Technical Services", leader of a facilitated discussion on the topic at the EBSCO Seminar for Academic Libraries,  Birmingham,             Alabama. April 13-15,1994.

and Heather Gordon. "From Quick Start Teams to Home Teams: The Duke TQM Experience". Presented at the ARL/TQM Conference, Washington, D.C., April 20-22, 1994

Visits and presentations to Australian university libraries, September, 1994. This study leave included my giving ten workshops  at the Universities of Sydney, New South Wales, Adelaide, South Australia, Canberra, Queensland and the University of Technology (Sydney); also, a one day workshop on team building and the leading of teams sponsored by the Australian Library and Information Association in Canberra on September 13, 1994.

"TechnoStress Case Study: The Academic Library" University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Library and Information Science Alumni Day 1996: TechnoStress. April 26, 1996.

"Back to the Future: Finding Common Ground", lead facilitator for a two day future search conference for 64 library staff at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, July 25-26, 1996. 

A series of workshops on teams and team leadership, creativity and group dynamics at the University of Sydney, University of Wollongong, University of  Queensland,  University of New South Wales,  Sunshine Coast and the Australian Library and Information Association, Queensland Chapter, August 7-24, 1996.

Lead Panelist, New York New Media Association, "When Students Hit the Surf", New York City. December 2, 1999

Key note speech "Opening the Gates", ACRL-New England Chapter. November 17, 2000

"Trithemius Revisited: From the Scriptorium to the Book to the E-text". An invited paper to be presented at the International Conference: THE LATVIAN BOOK AND LIBRARIES: 1525-2000 Riga, Latvia, November 8-11,2000

Learning to Lead (a full day workshop on leadership)


October 17, 2001, Kentucky Library Association 

May 21, 2001 VLA Paraprofessional Forum, Richmond, Virginia. 

May 1, 2001 Omaha Public Library, Omaha, Nebraska

St. Valentine's Day, 2001 Sunshine Coast University, Queensland, Australia

November 13, 2000 - Continuing Education Centre for Librarians, University of Latvia, Riga. 

October 14, 2000 - Illinois Library, Association, Peoria, IL

June 1, 2000 - Longwood College. Virginia

May 5, 2000 - Solinet, Atlanta


American Library Association (1970 -

Council (elected), at-large member. 1986-90.

American Libraries Editorial Advisory Committee.

Member. 1976-80
Chairperson 1977-80. 

Reference and Adult Services Division. RQ Editorial Advisory Panel Member. 1980-86.

Library Administration and Management Association. 

Member. 1986-
Publications Committee. Chair. 1994-1998           

Association for Library Collections & Technical Services, Technical Services Directors  of Large Research Libraries.

Member, 1986-1999
Chair, 1997/98

Durham Public Schools. Advisory Council for Exceptional Children.

Member, 1992/93
Chair, 1993-1995 

ARC of Durham County, Inc., North Carolina. Public Advocacy and Community Education Committee (PACE). Member. 1995-2000.


Hurricane Island Outward Bound School. (Team building, facilitation, group resourcefulness.)

Sailing Expedition, August, 1985, (Maine)
Sailing Expedition, February 11-18, 1987, (Florida Keys)
Kayaking Expedition, August 21-27, 1988 (Maine)

International Quality and Productivity Center, "TQM in Colleges and Universities", February 11-12, 1993, San Francisco.

Project Adventure. "Advanced Leadership Skills", Brattleboro, Vt., October 13-17,1994.

Americans with Disabilities Act: Implications for Higher Education. Elon College, North Carolina. November 30, 1994.

Association for Participation and Quality. "Advanced Facilitator Development", November 8-10, 1995. Chicago

"Information Futures Institute: Thriving in the Electronic Age", invited participant, University of California at Berkeley/San Francisco, August 27-30, 1997.

Learning to speak Spanish, via formal and self directed learning and annual travel to Mexico and Guatemala, 1985-


T.P. Sevensma Prize 1967-68 (second prize) for the paper, "University Library Problems:  A Study and Suggested Solutions."  The International Federation of Library Associations.

Council on Library Resources Fellowship, 1971-72.

Recognized as a Founder of ALA's Library Instruction Round Table at the 15th anniversary celebration in 1992, in San Francisco.

Elected to the Council of the American Library Association, 1986-1990.

University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  Department of Library & Information Studies.  Advisory Committee.  Member.  1991-1996.

Sabbatical, March 7-June 30, 1991. To do research for publication on organizational effectiveness, problem solving strategies, and wilderness (experiential) learning for staff development.

Educating the Library User (the anthology of original writing on user education I edited and contributed to in 1974) was featured as one of 25 outstanding professional books in RASDs silver anniversary edition of the Reference and Adult Services Division journal,             RQ. 25:152, Fall, 1985.

In 1995, the book was cited as a "milestone in BI history, ...(giving) BI librarians a common point of reference" for their subsequent efforts. In: Information for a  New Age: Redefining the Librarian, compiled by the Fifteenth Anniversary Task Force, Library Instruction Round Table, American Library Association. Englewood, CO: Libraries Unlimited, 1995, p. 28-29.

Duke University.  Perkins Library.  Friends of the Library. Life Member.  1990-

"An Analytical History of 'Library Literacy", by Lori  Arp. This six page review, by the current editor, describes the strong influence my founding and editing of the RQ column, "Library Literacy" from 1980-1986 had and continues to have on the field of user education and information literacy. RQ, 34:158-163, Winter, 1994.

Evaluation Consultant, Earthscape, EPIC, Columbia University, May, 2000-

Lead facilitator, Durham Public Library seven focus groups of library users on the Regional Library Development Plan, Fall, 1999 - Spring, 2000.

Member, Librarian Advisory Council: Questia Media, Inc. 2000/2001.

For another perspective on Mr. Lubans’ influence on the profession go to the Google search engine, type in Lubans. Many of the nearly 400 “hits” refer to Mr. Lubans work.


The Internet & User Behavior:

STUDY 6 Internet Use Among Seniors: Senior Net-Hollywood, Florida
(Research investigation by Nora Natke and John Lubans, Summer/Fall, 2002)

STUDY 5 Graduate Student and Teaching Assistant; March, 2000

STUDY 4 Feedback from the Class of 2001.

STUDY 3: Lead Panelist, New York New Media Association, "When Students  Hit the Surf", December 2, 1999, New York City.

STUDY 2:  Key Findings on Internet Use among Students. The study featured in the  Nov. 25, 1998 Chronicle of Higher Education by Kelly McCollum.
Duke Chronicle: "Study: Students rely increasingly on Internet," December 9, 1998, by Jaime Levy

STUDY 1 How First-Year University Students Use and Regard Internet Resources. The study featured in the NY Times by Pamela Mendels, April 1, 1998.

Organizational Studies:

Duke Women's Basketball: Lessons for Leaders (1999 - )

Opera Australia, Simone Young, Conductor. "Fortissimo Leadership". December 2000 - February 2001. Sydney, Australia

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